CIE LT Forge Crankshaft Production: We Start Sending 1.6 VW Crankshafts to Hungary, Gyor

CIE LT Forge expands the production of crankshafts. Since 2014, the CIE Group has been negotiating with Volkswagen of product relocation from Galfor to Lithuania. In 2015, Volkswagen decided to entrust its production to the CIE LT FORGE team.

Following a successful Volkswagen Audits in June 2016, we received permits to start production. The 1.6L Volkswagen Crankshafts were already manufactured for the polish factory in Polkowice. Since the beginning of this year, a new direction has emerged, and these products have begun to be deployed to the Györ city of Hungary. This will help us increase the VW 1.6L sales by 50-60%.

A four-shift work schedule will be available to meet customer needs, and the P5 press will be loaded by 100%.

Thanks to all employees for being part of the team and help meeting the new challenges!